Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam: Kieta 12-nin

Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam: Kieta 12-nin

The 1980s was before the era when it became common for entire television series to be released on home video. During that time, Nippon Sunrise had a common practice where some time after one of their shows concluded, they would release a short series of recap/digest videos. Assuming those videos sold well enough, they would then release one or more OVAs featuring new animation.Such was the case with Vifam, where the two "Variety of Vifam" recap videos were followed by two all new stories. This is the first of those two, it is a standalone story set during the main series.Aboard the Janus it looks to be another regular day, en route to the planet Taut. That is, until the captain (accused of peeking) leaves the ship in a huff. Then strange things start to happen, like the the AI board computer acting up, an unmanned enemy ship showing up and everyone seeing ghostly appearances and glowing eyes. To top that off people are disappearing…What is going on?

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