[Latest Publication] Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai (ONA) (Chinese)

[Latest Publication] Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai (ONA) (Chinese)

In another world, there are two continents, east and west. The northern part of the Western Continent lives with the mysterious Snow Mountain tribe, while the southern part is occupied by the prosperous Daqin Empire. Magic is the source of energy in the world. The Daqin Empire relied on the power of magic to defeat countless enemies and disasters, and established a prosperous civilized world. A boy from a tribe with a forbidden demon physique from the north started a journey of magic cultivation in the southern continent full of magic power.

Bai Xiao, the son of the Snow Mountain tribe, was forced to separate from his girlfriend Qingyue in order to unravel the curse of her. However, the alien world that is thousands of miles apart and the amnesia of his girlfriend couldn’t stop Bai Xiao’s footsteps. He set foot on the southern continent alone with countless treasures, and started the journey to find his lover. The man destined to become a genius shocked the entire empire with his astonishing talent and extraordinary audacity. Where will his magical path of cultivation go? Can he win Qingyue’s heart again?

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