Pokemon: Pikachu’s Winter Vacation (2000) (OVA) (Sub) New Release

Pokemon: Pikachu’s Winter Vacation (2000) (OVA) (Sub) New Release

The winter holiday is back again! Pikachu and friends return for two all-new wild winter adventures. The first one is when these Pokemon friends begin the holidays with Christmas quarreling, and Chikorita is upset, can Pikachu restore good cheer? Then, on a winter`s eve when everyone is asleep, our Pokemon friends pop-up from their pokeball and begin an exciting adventure, where they meet the Santa and and wounded Stantler. Will Pikachu and his friend be able to help out the Stantler so that it will not delay the present delivery for everyone? Pikachu`s Winter Vacation is the sequel of Pikachu`s Winter Vacation. Like it`s prequel, it features 2 15 minutes short films that will entertain you and your family!

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